"Hope Is Stronger Than Fear"

Custom T-Shirts & Masks for Kids

A campaign BY KIDS FOR KIDS!

At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, the CDC mandated that all children over 2 should wear a face mask in public. Due to a national PPE shortage, getting masks was a challenge for many. MDC Productions teamed up with Tenth and Pike to launch a campaign to sell masks and shirts designed BY kids FOR kids. With every purchase, we donated masks, shirts and healthy snack boxes to pediatric ICU's and kids in need.

Our brightly colored t-shirts were printed in children and adult sizes and featured a drawing made by a 5yr-old who wanted to share a message of HOPE and do something to help kids impacted by the pandemic. Our "Decorate Your Own" shirts were a fun way for kids to keep busy and express their creativity -- and just by purchasing the shirts they were able to help others! Our handmade Happy Hearts masks were soft, adjustable, lightweight, and handmade in the US.


Thanks to support from friends in Hollywood like Sebastian Stan (Avengers, Captain America, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, XMen, Friday Night Lights), Kristen Bell (Frozen, Bad Moms, Veronica Mars) and more, we were able to donate masks to kids all across the country. Sebastian even helped take our campaign global to Spain!

Some of the institutions we donated to:

  • Montefiore Hospital

  • New York Presbyterian

  • Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

  • Mount Sinai 

  • Bellevue Hospital

  • NYU Langone

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering

  • Ronald McDonald House New York

  • Somos Nupa

  • Colective Caje

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*This campaign was brought to you MDC Productions, Tenth and Pike Sweet Shop, ConTees Printing and TM Designs!